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Sure lattes and cappuccinos are nice, but Koreans have taken it a notch up to help their customers de-stress. Unlike India, where students only have an option to either study at home or library, in Korea students have an option to get away from all the noise and monotony at home and head to a café to study. Same goes for workaholics who work on weekends and people who work from home, these cafés are a bliss. Being the most wired country in the world, you’ll always find free wi-fi in these cafés. In Korea these cafes give a serious competition to the likes of Starbucks, Coffee Bean etc. 

In Korea there are many kinds of outstanding and unique cafés. Many of them are themed cafés such as a Hello Kitty café, Charlie Brown Café or a photography café. 

If you are a big fan of Hello Kitty or need an…

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