So let’s see how did I do in terms of language learning in the year 2013, before weeks and months pass by in the “new year” 2014.

I attended 4 language courses. 2 beginners’ courses in Korean & Japanese and 2 intermediate ones (if JLPT N4 can be called so, I guess it can’t be) in Korean & Japanese too.

I was attending Beginner’s Japanese course offline, as in real classes and simultaneously was also attending Beginners’ Korean and intermediate Korean, which both were done online. I just can’t imagine how I did that. I think about it and still wonder if I really did that or did I do the Korean ones in 2012 and not in 2013. [But again, I was not working during this time as now, or else there is no way I could do it]

I always wanted to learn Japanese and was pretty discouraged by myself thinking that it’s an impossible task. But, after I got into Korean 5 years back (dang! time flies!) I realized that language learning is quite possible, even for me who is a pretty lazy procrastinator, and that I can get started with Japanese and Chinese. Also, I was fortunate enough that we had access to an awesome native teacher for Japanese language courses.

Apart from language learning other activities I did related to languages was that I organized Hyderabad’s first Korean/Asian stuff lovers meetup, which happened 2 months ago. I also met with Chennai Korean/Asian drama lovers, when I went there to take JLPT N5 test (which I didn’t pass though).


Chennai MeetupDSC_0216 Hyderabad MeetupDSC_0202

Hyderabad Meetup

Most recent one was to attend the Bengaluru meetup, again because I took JLPT N4 this time. (I’ll fail this one too, just like N5, but it’s fine because it’s part of my language learning journey)

DSC_0172Bengaluru Meetup

DSC_0167Bengaluru Meetup

And I won a Sogang Korean 3A: Student’s bookΒ in a lucky draw conducted by I am really thankful to them for sending me an extra Sogang Korean 3A: Work book at no cost as it complements the student book.

So that’s what I did in 2013! I missed writing about my Hong Kong trip and the Korean language books I bought there. Looking forward to a great language learning journey ahead in 2014!! Chinese and French will be included in my journey along with Korean and Japanese!! Wish me luck! Good luck to you too in your language learning endeavour! πŸ™‚