I haven’t been blogging for a while as I got busy with my new job and of course I won’t deny my laziness.

Anyways, first things first. It’s about my JLPT. I went to Bengaluru city, which is another major Indian city in the south which is 12 hours away from my place, which itself is in South India too. Now you can imagine how big India must be.

So I traveled there with 2 of my Japanese learner friends. We went to take JLPT N4. We also took JLPT N5 earlier in july in Chennai and 2 of us failed it and now we are back with N4 this time. We might fail again.

Let me copy paste what I wrote in my facebook status about my JLPT experience this time.

“how was my JLPT? God knows!! I kept my cool though!

Interestingly I felt the paper isn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ll clear it. But, I understood what I should be doing with my Japanese. Will take a break from Japanese, may be few weeks and meanwhile resume my Korean learning as I might be doing something challenging with Korean language from next month. ”

Later after my JLPT I planned to meetup with an online friend, who was into korean/chinese stuff, so I asked others in facebook who are also from Bangalore Bengaluru can join us if they would like to, and Aparna (my other online friend from Bangalore) organized a meetup at a Korean restaurant.

As my friends who came to take JLPT has to have their lunch anyways before they go to the railway station, they joined me for the Korean lunch. They enjoyed the meetup too. (One of them, my childhood friend actually used to watch Korean dramas but stopped them as they were addictive and make us spend too much of our time lol…he has been learning Korean on and off for a while too)

While we were having our lunch a girl who came to our meetup had no clue what were we all talking about and why did we even meetup. She said she thought that we were all family relatives and are having lunch. Apparently, she was trolled by her friend (who is into Korean stuff) saying telling her friend to come there to discuss about some academic work of theirs. I pity her.

Here are some pictures from our meetup….

DSC_0167 DSC_0168 DSC_0169 DSC_0172 IMG_20131201_145522 IMG_20131201_145638 IMG_20131201_145651 IMG_20131201_150601 IMG_20131201_150607 IMG_20131201_150916 IMG_20131201_152237p.s : When I read blogs and articles, I feel like it’s just normal simple English and wonder why do people google and worry about how to blog. But, whenever I write a blog post I always feel that I don’t write exactly what and how I actually wanted to express it and that sentences just go awry.

I’ll be posting something about Korean teaching/learning in my next post, which is why I had to post this delayed post! Thanks for following me 🙂