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다들 잘 지내셨나요?

이번 주는 좀 많이 늦어져서 미안해요.

이번엔 한자 공부를 위한 책을 선택했는데, 중급 이상의 학습자에게 좋을 것 같아요.

This week, we prepared a book for studying Hanja and it is suitable for intermediate to advanced level learners because the book is all written in Korean only.

Book Info.


초등한자쓰기노트 Level 1

Language: Korean | around 40 Pages | Size: 210x275mm | Supplement: 1 VCD
ISBN-13: 9788927745990

This is the book series made for elementary school students in South Korea.

The context is written based on Hanja words used in the real textbooks of elementary school.

This book contains 40 Hanja words and the whole series contains 400 essential Hanja words.

This book also contains VCD teaching the order of writing each Hanja word.

All written in Korean but really good for increasing your Hanja vocabulary skill!

Suitable for intermediate level to advanced level learners.

Some of the contents need instructor…

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