I want to participate in these lucky draws but I am not allowed to because I already won a book from twochois. Good luck to the other participants! 🙂



다들 잘 지내셨나요?

서울은 단풍이 붉게 물들기 시작했어요.

벌써, 가을이네요-

This week, we prepared book for beginners who knows Hangeul though.

The book is suitable for elementary level learners.

Book Info.

Fast & Fun Korean 1

Fast & Fun Korean for Short – Term Learners 1
Author : Kang Seung-haeVersion : English / Japanese Book page : 176 pages Supplement : MP3 CD

ISBN: 9788959958290 (8959958298)  Size: 210x297mm
About This Book
Designed with the short-term learner of Korean in mind, 「Fast & Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners」 is a 3-volume quick mastery textbook series that introduces everyday vocabulary and concrete situational dialogues practical for living in Korea.

The first volume of the series, 「Fast & Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners ①」, provides a solid framework from which even those who have no previous experience with the language can learn basic Korean with minimal effort.

• Essential vocabulary, grammar patterns, and dialogues chosen based on their real-life…

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