Testing my luck again! If I win it, I will finish reading it, review it quick and give it away again to a new Korean learner through our IKLG (Indian Korean Learners Group) on facebook! So let’s hope I win it! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ



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This book is suitable for elementary level learners.

Book Info.


Hello Korean 1 with Joon Gi Lee (English Ver.)

Author : Ji Young Park, So Young Yoo

Publishing company : Maribooks

Page : 288 pages

Published date : July, 10th, 2010

An easy-to-follow introductory textbook on the Korean language with Korean wave star Joon Gi Lee:

Few textbooks have been published that students learning independently could easily use although the need has sharply increased due to the spread of Korean culture in recent years.

Written by two veteran Korean teachers and Joon Gi Lee, a famous Korean Wave celebrity, this book is intended for those learning the Korean language for the first time and covers topics such as the Korean writing system, pronunciation rules…

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