Celebrated Korean learner Shanna (hangukdrama.com) has posted “21 Question tag – the Korean learner version” post today 3 days ago, where she basically answered 21 random questions she came up with.

Here’s my version, I hope it isn’t boring and too long. Enjoy! I would love to hear your versions too, feel free to write them or tag your blog url in the comments..

1. Why Korean?

Short answer: I am interested in learning foreign languages and I happened to be watching Korean dramas that time and got curious with what all those ‘signs’ could mean…

Long answer here: https://prashlearnskorean.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/why-korean/

2. Daum or Naver (dictionary I mean)?

Daum..why? One reason is, the day I decided (late last year) to actively learn Korean, Hangul script wasn’t working in naver (don’t ask why, even I don’t know why!) and the other reason is I am quite comfortable with daum so far.

3. First website that you visit everyday?

I hate to admit but it’s facebook. If I my blog had as many active followers as Shanna I would be checking my own blog first.

4. Best thing that happened to you? (related to learning Korean)

Thanks to Korean learning, I met some amazing people from various nationalities.

5. Ever regretted learning Korean?

Not yet and never would.

6. Most common feedback/question you get when you say you are learning Korean?

Why are you learning Korean? [me being an Indian, lots of Koreans end up asking this first before anything else!]

7. First Korean food that comes to your mind?

비빔밥 [bibimbap] – I am not a fan of Korean food but it just comes to my mind if I have to think of Korean food.

8. Most over-rated Korean drama?

I agree with Shanna that ‘Full House’ is quite over-rated. I feel ‘Secret Garden’ comes a close second. Sure, it’s a good drama but not a great one in my opinion, please don’t bash me up.

9. Most under-rated Korean drama?

I would just say many of the dramas which came prior to 2009, especially in mid 2000s I guess. I started watching dramas in 08 and the initial dramas I watched mostly were which came in 03-07 time and they are pretty good unlike present dramas which I find too fancy compared with the older ones which had more content.

10. Latest milestone in learning Korean?

Passed Pegasus ‘GoGo’ course. (beginner’s)

11. Favorite Korean word/phrase?

바보 [babo] = fool.

12. Name 3 people (fictional/real) who motivate/influence your Korean learning journey.

Shanna (hangukdrama.com), if she could do it, we all could do it! Karla, fellow Korean learner, she spends so much of time than me on Korean and has been doing great so far I guess!

Hungrywolf (our first Korean teacher, I promised him I will not give up Korean and will one day be speak in Korean with him)

Allan (our recent Korean teacher from pegasus, although he is from UK, his Korean is excellent and sure is an inspiration to me)

13. Secret ambition/goal (relating to Korean)

How can it be a secret if we answer it? Anyways, my goal relating to Korean is to be conversational in Korean within next 2 more years.

14. I want to sound like _____ when I speak Korean

I want to sound like someone who can converse in Korean with Koreans.

15. Best compliment received (for Korean)

“우와~” by Korean friends I met in Toronto.

16. When is the last time you sat down and study Korean?

If sitting on an exam counts then, last sunday, because I took an intermediate Korean exam that day. [I failed!!]

17. Favorite textbook?

“Korean Grammar In Use”…why? because this is the book which is giving me some hope that I still can get better in my Korean.

18. Special people you met (online or otherwise) through Korean?

Hungrywolf (that’s his online name from [tt4you.com], he was my first Korean teacher online), karla and many more, can’t list them all here.

19. How has learning Korean changed you/your life?

It changed my life and me myself in many ways, I better write a different post just on this single question sometime in future. In short, I met many amazing people, it changed my views about cultures, languages, people and many more things for better.

20. Ever dreamt in Korean?

Not yet!

21. Single best thing about learning Korean?

I can read/write/speak Korean, one of the scientific languages in the world, isn’t that the best thing in itself?


I think I could have written this post better if I had written it in one go rather than drafting it numerous times for 3 days and finishing it, finally today. I blame it on my laziness and schedules/unscheduled power cuts here in my country (India).

If you have done a “21 question tag” post, feel free to comment in the comments. I would love to check them out.

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