I have been attending their courses for past five months but seems like I haven’t written about Pegasus courses or my experiences with them before in my blog so let me take this opportunity to do that now before I write about the Gogo exam I had yesterday. Pegasus is a society started by my online friend a British person who is studying Korean professionally (as in, in a University) and they conduct these free courses using Skype and other internet technologies like blogtv.com to teach Korean.

I have been taking both of their beginner’s which is called “Gogo” and intermediate level called “Push it!” Korean courses. Why am I taking both of them at the same time? because my Korean proficiency was somewhere in between when I was thinking about which one to take. Only now, I actually realized that I took a good decision of taking even the beginner’s one as there was still a lot that I thought I already knew, things like grammar and vocabulary, but didn’t and would have missed if not for this course.

If you are a Korean learner, looking for a proper way to learn Korean especially if you do not have access to any classroom lessons around your place then I highly recommend checking out Pegasus courses. They would be starting their next batch sometime in July (I’ll surely notify you all when they put their notification.)

Now coming to the Gogo Korean Exam which I took last night…basically it had 4 parts, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking (yes, speaking too) in that order, 60 minutes to each except for speaking, which is just 10 minutes.

We were sent pdf files of the exam, audio files for listening part and we have to submit our answers in a document via e-mail.

Although I’m not a ‘beginner’ beginner in Korean language learning I still thought that I wouldn’t do well in this exam and was still a bit nervous but I’m glad that everything went by quite comfortably and was pretty ‘easy’ for me.

Reading! (60 minutes) – to my surprise I was able to finish it in just 30 minutes, that gave me some positive confidence which I needed to last for the rest of the exam.

Writing! – this one was not difficult but it took exactly 60 minutes for me to finish it. I had to skip few questions too.

Listening! – I am not sure what you write about this one. Either the Korean person’s Korean in the audio files is too fluent or my listening skills are bad or got worse, I had to repeat some audio files like 20 to 30 times to guess answers. Today, I learnt that even after listening to those files so many times I still answered a question wrong. (age of someone)

Speaking! – my topic (almost typed topik, lol!) was “Family”, luckily a fellow student had the same topic just few minutes before my turn came up. Not that I could prepare something in just 5 minutes gap but somehow I felt a bit at ease.

are you still reading this post? good! You got some patience! You qualify for language learning!

I’ll provide our exam files after consulting with our teacher if he is fine with me sharing them. If you are a beginner in Korean language, I am sure they will be quite helpful to challenge yourself and further your Korean learning.

Seems this post got quite long, sorry about that, I end up writing long sentences in general.