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Hi everyone, how have you been? It’s been 2 months since my last blog post.

Excuse no. 1, I was on a short trip to Hong Kong and excuse no. 2 is that I’m a master of procrastination. (I do help people if they want to get some training in procrastination at no cost!)

Now, that I applied for JLPT N5 (did it today), it’s high time that I start revising my Japanese, hopefully I’ll revise it consistently. I’ll put my lesson notes on my blog one by one (did I say this already and didn’t do it? I’ll, this time around!)

Next post will be our 2nd Japanese lesson!

In my real life, we are already in our 34th lesson! But, seems like I just put only our 1st lesson on my blog!

And coming to Korean, early next month, we are having our final tests in the online course(s) by Pegasus Korean Society I’m attending. I’m so not looking forward to it! Why? I can hardly speak any Korean and beginner’s level itself has a 10 minute speaking section and I’m also taking the Intermediate level course (which itself has a 20 minute speaking section) along with beginner’s from them! (Why!? because I put too much on my plate than I can eat!)

I’ll just cross my fingers about how far I’ll take it with these 2 languages.

By the way, I’ll probably make a different post on my Hong Kong trip and also on the language learning books I bought during my trip.

Meanwhile, enjoy one of my Hong Kong trip pictures!