Many of you must be already aware of TTMIK (Talktomeinkorean)

TTMIK Ramyeon Talk!

I saw this one before and it gets really funny.

TTMIK Talk | Note-taking – Analog or Digital?

You can find more “Natural Talks in Korea” videos here:

Below video might hurt feelings and sentiments of many people who love Korean culture lilke KPOP, especially young Koreans themselves. Sometimes, we just have to accept the facts and opinions of others whether we like it or not.

An Indian man and a Korean woman got married! Yes for real! I didn’t see the video completely yet, so I can’t really make any comments but let me know what do you think. Is it cool?

(I hope you don’t make any racist comments! Thank you!)

part 2:

part 3:

Professor Oh tells us in the best way about cultural aspects of Korea! Below is her latest video on ‘plastic surgeries in Korea’! Why do they do it? Is it just women who go through these surgeries? just Korean? and other such questions are answered and also lots of other info by her here.

Plastic Surgery in Korea: Double Eyelids, Rhinoplasty, Jawlines & Beauty…

Rising Suicide Rates in South Korea. Why? //YOLO in Korean!

You can find professor Oh’s channel here below!