This post is not about how to add Korean language in your computer. I will write a different post for that.

Why am I writing this post?

This post is to help you improve your Korean typing, and might eventually help you to type without using the help of Korean stickers on your keyboard, if you are already using them.

My online friends who are learning Korean, mostly who have just started learning Korean seem to be facing difficulty in learning how to type hangul. So I am hoping that this might help them.

[I know this image is not that appealing but it is so plan and simple that I always pick it up, from past few years, instantly even from 100s of google image results.]


First let me share my experience. I might be little biased in saying that we can all type Korean without using stickers at all, or without them soon if you are already using them. I could be biased because I am a programmer and I have been into virtual world for a really long time with chatting and such stuff, which helped in typing English quite fast and which eventually helped me in typing Korean at almost the same speed.

How did I learn?

Yes, I agree that it isn’t easy to type hangul for us non-koreans. I myself faced it very difficult when I first started typing Korean. Someone recommended me to take a print out of the korean keyboard (like the one in the above image) and stick it to my wall. I was too lazy to do that. Instead what I did was, I divided my computer screen into halves (horizontally, like keyboard image on top and the other window on the bottom) or some times re-size it in a way to accommodate the ‘hangul keyboard’ image on one side and the window I would be chatting in (with my friends or in a language exchange) on the other.

This really helped me because, I wouldn’t make the mistakes I was making before, at least not as often in this way. Putting stickers on our keyboards probably is different from this and might not help much. Actually I guess I should not comment on using stickers because I have never used them, but I am hearing people even who have been learning Korean for a while are still using them which implies that they are unable to type without the help from the stickers. On contrast learning how to type Korean by yourself without stickers, and rather using above method, I am hoping you can practice better.

I highly recommend this method. Printing the keyboard image and sticking it in front of you on your wall might work much better in my opinion. I might be wrong too, but just explore whichever way works for you as long  as you are comfortable and are learning.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading this post, please write your comments on what do you think or if you have any other suggestions to Korean learnings. Thank you.