I randomly picked “English/Korean” Oxford Picture Dictionary in the library where I was sitting since morning and just opened a random page and started learning. That random page was “시간” (Time).

So what did I learn?

Telling Time 시간 말하기 

1. hour 시각

2. minutes 분

3. seconds 초

4. 10.00 (morning) A.M. 오전

5. 10.00 (night) P.M. 오후

6. 1:00 one o’clock 한시

7. 1:05 one-oh-five (five after one) 1시 5분 한시 오분

(seems this is a book for Korean english language learners, cuz they printed ‘one-oh-five’)

8. 1:10 one-ten (ten after one) 1시 10분 한시 십분

9. 1:15 one-fifteen (a quarter after one) 1시 15분 한시 십오분

10. 1:20 one-twenty (twenty after one) 1시 20분 한시 이십분

11. 1:30 one-thirty (half past one) 1시 30분 한시 심십분

12. 1:40 one-forty (twenty to two) 1시 40분 한시 사십분