Do you want to be challenged by learning a new language? Perhaps you already know a little Korean, but want to build up a strong foundation and confidence in the language? Maybe you study Korean properly or have lived in Korea but want to keep up the good progress with the language? Then Pegasus is the right choice for you.

We are currently offering online courses conducted via Skype and BlogTV for applicants of all levels of Korean. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t even know the Korean alphabet or whether you’re almost fluent – all that matters is your enthusiasm to learn.

We currently are offering courses for three levels: beginners/elementary (Gogo), intermediate (Push It!), and advanced (Wang).

For Gogo, anyone may apply. For Push It! and Wang, you will be required to take a short test beforehand, just to check that your level is suitable for our higher courses.

All students will learn as part of a large class of other internet learners from all over the world. Our courses attract people who speak many languages and who generally have a keen interest in learning about each other and the greater world. This is a unique and brilliant environment for learning Korean.

Most importantly: all of our courses are FREE. You do not need to pay any fee, even for the examinations that we offer at the end of your course. All compulsory materials will be provided for you, so you don’t need to worry about buying any course content either.

Classes are conducted over the internet calling programme Skype and the live streaming website BlogTV. Teachers will stream their voices over BlogTV, and students will listen during classes. Students may communicate with the teacher via the Skype classroom which will be running at the same time as the BlogTV stream. We also make MP3 recordings of all of our lessons, so that you may catch up on/zip back to something said earlier (and also so that you don’t miss anything should your internet suddenly disconnect!).

This is our 4th series and our course subscription numbers increase each time. You are advised therefore to apply early to avoid disappointment!
Our teachers are either native Koreans or non-Koreans who are formally studying or have formally studied the Korean language at a university. As well as Korean and English, you may communicate with Pegasus Board Members in French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Indonesian, should you have any communication problems. In the past we have had students from the United States, the United Kingdom, various African countries, Latin America, South East Asia, Russia and beyond. We welcome and encourage this diversity.

We look for students who are determined, loyal attendees, enthusiastic, cordial and who enjoy a challenge. The courses are not easy. You will be pushed to your lingual limits, even on the beginner’s/elementary course. We advise you to NOT apply if you think you cannot commit properly to our courses. We also operate a strict attendance policy. Those who do not attend often are quickly removed.
The idea in the end is to give you a foundation or greater confirmation of your Korean skills, giving you the necessary skills to use varied vocabulary, speak and listen well, and to be able to read and write varying text types and registers. Your level and progress will frequently be assessed through quizzes, assignments and final examinations, all offered free to you to make the most of your learning experience.

If you feel that you are up to the challenge then please apply as soon as possible! You may view our course content information below.


Average Student Number: 30+
Level of Difficulty: Ranges from Moderate to Quite Intensive
Dates: 1st of June – 6th of July
Class times and days: A total of ten classes (+ one examinations day), every Monday and Friday, 12-2pm British time
Final Examination Date and Time: Friday the 6th of July, 12pm onwards

Course Outline:-

Lesson One, June 1st: The Korean Alphabet and an Introduction to the Korean Language

Lesson Two, June 4th: Introducing Oneself, Greetings and an Introduction to Korean Numerals

Lesson Three, June 8th: Family and Relationships

Lesson Four, June 11th: Korean Cuisine

Lesson Five, June 15th: School and the Workplace

Lesson Six, June 18th: Travel and the World (students will be briefed about the Writing Assignment)

Lesson Seven, June 22nd: Shopping and Clothing

Lesson Eight, June 25th: House and Home

Lesson Nine, June 29th: Sports and Hobbies

Lesson Ten, July 2nd: Korean Music (Writing Assignment submission date)

Examination Day: July 6th (reading, writing, listening and speaking; approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes in total)

Assignments Et Cetera: Students will be given a quiz each lesson (with the exception of Lesson One) based on the previous lesson’s content. Each quiz is worth 10 points of the final grade (with the exception of the quiz on the date of Lesson Ten, which is worth 20 points) Students will be given a Writing Assignment based on one of a selection of topics to be written in Korean. This Assignment is worth 100 points of the final grade. Students will take a reading examination (50 points), writing examination (50 points), listening examination (50 points) and a speaking examination (50 points). Students will also be expected to familiarise themselves with 500 basic verbs. The maximum final score is 400 points.


Average Student Number: 2-4
Level of Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Dates: 6th of June – 5th of July
Class times and days: A total of ten classes (+ one examinations day), every Wednesday and Thursday, 12-2pm British time
Final Examination Date and Time: Monday the 16th of July, 12pm onwards

Course Outline:-

Lesson One, June 6th: A Zoological Introduction: Animals and Habitats

Lesson Two, June 7th: Everyday Problems and Solutions

Lesson Three, June 13th: Geography and an Introduction to Hanja (Chinese characters used in Korean)

Lesson Four, June 14th: The World and International Stereotypes

Lesson Five, June 20th: Korean Hierarchies

Lesson Six, June 21st: Emblems of Traditional Korean Culture

Lesson Seven, June 27th: Korean Popular Culture

Lesson Eight, June 28th: The Environment and Describing in Korean

Lesson Nine, July 4th: Doctors and Hospitals (students will take the Basic Hanja test)

Lesson Ten, July 5th: Hopes and Ambitions

Examination Day: July 6th (reading, writing, listening and speaking; approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes in total)

Assignments Et Cetera: (same examinations as aforementioned in the Gogo course, plus:- a Basic Hanja test worth 80 points will be taken on the date of Lesson Nine. Maximum total score of 380 points.)


Average Student Number: 1-3
Level of Difficulty: Very intensive
Dates: 4th of June – 6th of August
Class times and days: A total of ten classes (+ one examinations day), every Monday, 12-2pm British time
Final Examination Date and Time: Monday the 20th of August, 12pm onwards

Course Outline:-

Lesson One, June 4th: Disease and Anatomy

Lesson Two, June 11th: Aid and Voluntary Work

Lesson Three, June 18th: Extended Hanja

Lesson Four, June 25th: Korean Literature

Lesson Five, July 2nd: Lyrical and Transcriptional Translation

Lesson Six, July 9th: The World of Science

Lesson Seven, July 16th: Survey Report Briefing (this is a special lesson which will not last long, during which the students are assigned an advanced survey task on a particular topic. The Survey Report is worth 100 points.)

Lesson Eight, July 23rd: Languages and Linguistics

Lesson Nine, July 30th: Current Affairs

Lesson Ten, August 6th: Gender and Sexuality in Korea (students will take the Extended Hanja test; students will be asked to decide which of their Optional Examinations they will take; Survey Reports are due on this date)

Examination Day: August 20th (reading, writing, listening and speaking + Optional Examination; approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes in total)

Assignments Et Cetera: (same examinations as aforementioned in the Gogo course, plus:- Extended Hanja test worth 100 points which will be taken on the date of Lesson Ten; students also MUST choose ONE of the following Optional Examinations, which are each worth 100 points: Textual and Literary Comprehension; Advanced Translation; Advanced Dictation; Advanced Interpreting; Advanced Hanja with Korean; Essay Writing; Advanced Editing. Maximum total score of 600 points.)

All students on all courses will also receive regular general homework tasks focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening. These are not compulsory tasks and do not affect your final grade, however they are recommended for your own personal development.

Application Form:

Please send this application form to our Secretary at

OTHER: Please add here anything that you feel may help with the success of your application.

Many regards and the best of wishes,

A. C. Simpson, Pegasus Director.

p.s: For more info, u can visit Allan’s blog here too.