First, this is the first time I am writing a review kind of stuff, so please excuse me if it is too long or it’s not meaningful. Thank you.

I went to a main stream Korean movie in theater for the first time in my life (if we don’t consider the documentaries on North Korean human rights violations, which I watched in universities in auditoriums) with my Korean teacher and friends, who were my classmates at Korean Language Class at Korean Consulate in Toronto,
Canada. It was as part of Korean Film Festival, where they screened few of the most popular main stream Korean movies in past few months. Unfortunately, I was able to watch only “Helpless”, all thanks to my teacher 수민 선생님 for conducting this meet up.

Entertainment point of view:

I saw the trailer of “Helpless” just yesterday and I had no clue of what kind of movie is it, which made me more excited to look forward towards watching the movie.

It was a great movie, but I do not want you to expect a lot from the movie and later curse me for it. It was quite entertaining to me, so in my opinion, it was a good one, probably one reason being that it’s been a while I saw such a movie in any language. I mean to say a movie from crime/mystery/suspense/thriller genre.

The movie started with an intense suspense feeling as quickly as just 5 minutes into the movie.  Although it becomes quite predictable in the half way of the movie, even then, I felt that the movie still had a grip on me. Interestingly, even when the movie goes on with such suspense intensity, we can have quite few laughs once in a while thanks to the dialogues under specific circumstances. If you like movies of any of these genres: crime, mystery, thriller, suspense then, irrespective of this movie being a Korean language, I would say it is a must watch for you.

My point of view, in relation to life and society:

[I recommend you to read this part, after you finish watching the movie]

We, people watch movies, read novels, we feel them for few minutes or for the day or days or weeks and then forget them after a while, but, if you just think for a moment about what would our life be if we our in the same situation? After all movies and novels are mostly inspired by people, societies and cultures, which assures us that these stories are not some fantasies and wouldn’t exist in real life.

The story in “Helpless” shows once again how miserable one’s life can be although he/she hasn’t done anything wrong in their life since their birth and how the society and environment around us might drive us to act in an inhumane way. Most of us got used to judging others, but, we never think even for a second about what might be going in someone’s life. I think movies like “Helpless”, once in a while, reminds us in our life,1 on how we cannot and should not judge a person or their life in any circumstances.

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