Why Korean?

many of my friends and people, especially Koreans, whom I meet here in Toronto ask me why am I learning Korean language? It’s quite simple to answer. When I was in middle school (we don’t call it that way in India though) I used to have a hidden interest to learn foreign languages but it was undermined because of lack of motivation and access to resources (I’m from India after all!). In 2008, just when I graduated from my bachelors, I accidentally (thanks to an Indian music director’s plagiarism) came across a Korean drama’s OST video on youtube and I instantly got addicted to drama watching and kept watching series of dramas and movies. While I was at this, I was reunited with my school friend after a break of few years, who was very much into German language learning, this meeting, re-ignited my interest in learning foreign languages. I joined for a German language course (in jan 2009) and at the same time my interest to learn Korean language developed too (I wondered what did those Korean symbols which were scrolling on the bottom of the screen during the dramas, were saying). This prompted me to start learning Korean language. I also (out of curiosity) clicked an advertisement (I usually never do that) in a Korean related website which lead me to a language exchange website where I met some nice friends, especially, a Korean friend who was teaching me and my fellow online students, Korean for 3 years now. I should say I am quite fortunate that I met him and other friends in that website.

There you go, there’s my answer, quite a long one isn’t it? I apologize for such a long answer, as I couldn’t answer it in a shorter way. I do try to give a shorter answer when I am asked this question in real life though. (after all I can’t bore them with such detailed answers)